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by Marc&Barny

Welcome to Lisbon!

For the first time in the history of sport in Portugal, Lisbon hosts a competition of Gymnastics at a world level.  At the same moment, is also the first time the Rhythmic Gymnastics has a training center where the national teams can be prepared under conditions that portend a good future for the discipline.

The achievement of these two important events is due to the commitment of the Lisbon City Hall, which has sought solutions in a very intense way to the development of gymnastics, in a close and fruitful partnership with the Gymnastics Federation of Portugal and the city gym clubs. Please also note that this event is organized in cooperation with Ginásio Clube Português, historic club of Lisbon, who agreed to join FGP for this purpose.

To all the delegations from over the 30 countries who visit us, I wish a pleasant stay, with many sportive successes and wish you can appreciate the culture and hospitality of the Portuguese people and the beautiful city of Lisbon.

With a fantastic group of gymnasts, the World Cup and the Lisbon International Tournament will see the beauty, coordination and harmony of Rhythmic Gymnastics, in spectacle not to be missed. Let's support our gymnasts who give everything to level up the name of Portugal and Portuguese Gymnastics.

The President of the Organizing Committee

João Paulo Rocha

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